How to Protect Your Assets and Rights in Divorce

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  • Stock Options/RSUs that haven’t vested yet – how do you divide that?
  • Do you have to share unvested options/units or performance bonuses with your ex?
  • Should you file for a divorce in CA or WA?

We know the divorce laws in both CA and WA. For example:

  • California courts favor the non-tech worker spouse substantially when analysing RSUs
  • California courts routinely award lifetime spousal support
  • Washington courts are free to award a lopsided property division

With a wealth of experience resolving divorce disputes for our tech industry clients, our skilled divorce lawyers know how to protect your assets and rights.

Getting a Divorce?

We know the issues IT pros face that may not be immediately obvious to you. We have worked with many programmers, software developers, hardware/software engineers, and their spouses.

Our Divorce Services:

  • For technology executives
  • High-asset/complex property division
  • High-conflict divorce
  • Spousal support/li>
  • Child support & custody
  • International divorce

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Let us help protect your assets and rights during divorce. We deliver positive results for clients in high net worth, complex divorce cases.

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With offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, S.L. Pitts PC specializes in complex family law disputes. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to pursuing our client’s interests with respect for all parties involved; we also attempt to reduce unnecessary conflict to encourage faster settlements.

Divorce for Technology Professionals and Developers is Complicated

Our attorneys have many years of experience helping highly-compensated IT and other technology professionals – or their spouses – to navigate the difficult world of tech-sector divorce in both California and Washington. Let us educate and advise you on your rights and obligations.