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Our Washington Family Law Practice Areas

The law firm of S.L. Pitts understands the complex nature of family law litigation. A divorce has the potential to cast a long shadow on the future for individuals, as they are often tied well past separation by financial issues or obligation to children.

Added conflict in a divorce can mean unnecessary additional time spent in the litigation process and lasting emotional damage that inhibits future ties.

How We Can Help

S.L. Pitts has decades of combined experience and dedication to helping clients resolve issues of family law.

We specialize and welcome issues of complexity from high-asset, high-conflict divorce or divorce with assets and individuals located in multiple states, as these cases often feature issues that need constant attention and focus to ensure we achieve client goals. This specifically includes the needs of individuals in the technology industry.

Our attorneys approach each case as a unique task they need to address to protect our clients’ interests. We strive for practical remedies that preserve your financial interests, while avoiding additional conflict.

Property Division

Like most western states, Washington is a community property state. This property rights regime still governs marital property rights division in Washington to this day.

Spousal Support

The team at S.L. Pitts has a vast knowledge of alimony law and can advise clients on both sides of the issue on proper compensation.

Child Custody

At the S.L. Pitts family law firm in Seattle, we know how important your children are to you.

Child Support

Ongoing financial support for children involved in family law issues is essential to preserve access to life’s necessities and a stable economic environment.

Complex High Asset

We specialize in separations involving the complex division of property and assets for high net worth individuals.

Tech Professionals

We specialize in separations involving the complex division of property and assets for high net worth individuals.

Domestic Violence

Our experienced attorneys are highly skilled at navigating the emotionally charged environment of high-conflict divorces.

Interstate and International Litigation

For parents that work in different states or consistently travel, discussions of custody are critical to resolve to serve the best interest of the child.


Marriage contracts prior to nuptials safeguards an individual’s rights before, during and after marriage