SL Pitts PC Attends the Local Bloedel Reserve Garden Party

Posted on Nov 25, 2019 by Christopher Pitts

Our Seattle family law attorneys recently attended a garden party at the famous Bloedel Reserve. The Bloedel Reserve is a beautiful forest garden located on Bainbridge Island and open to the public. SL Pitts PC attorneys attended this Bainbridge event in order to support the continued operations of the Bloedel Reserve and its managing nonprofit.

The party wound through Bloedel’s moss garden, where performers dressed as living plants. From the garden, the party continued to the reflection pool surrounded by a well-groomed yew hedge. Here, supporters of the Bloedel Reserve were free to mingle and appreciate how the gardens could bring people together. After enjoying refreshments, the party progressed past the Mid Pond towards the impressive Former residence of Mr. Prentice Bloedel.

Restauranteurs from throughout the Puget Sound region were present to offer a number of different foods and drinks. Our attorneys were especially impressed by the pizza offered by Tom Douglas. After dining on a variety of dishes, guests were able to enjoy a dessert designed to honor the garden party theme, appearing as a small garden with edible chocolate mushrooms, a merengue caterpillar, and cake soil.

Once dinner and dessert concluded, the parties relocated behind the residence where the auction to support the continued operations of the Bloedel Reserve occurred. Items for auction ranged from a wine tour led by Prentice Bloedel’s grandson, Tom Meadowcroft, to a suite opportunity for a Seattle Sounders game.

As supporters of local nonprofit organizations and lovers of the natural beauty in the Puget Sound region, the Seattle family law attorneys at SL Pitts PC are happy to have been able to experience this slice of Washington. We look forward to similar experiences in the future that can only be offered in the pacific northwest.